Why Exhibit at B2B 2019

Senior Buyers and decision making executives that have been screened and invited by us from the sectors below:


  • Health Clubs
  • Spa and Beauty, salons, shops
  • Physiotherapy
  • Supermarkets
  • Supplements
  • Distributors
  • Digital technology/solutions
  • Convenience stores

Exhibiting at a trade show allows you as a business to get in front of thousands of industry contacts, in this day of digital technology the ability to come face to face, gain real time feedback and speak with your potential or current Customers is vital and will set you apart from your competition  and offers a fully integrated marketing mix.


  •  Last year saw key buyers from Aldi, Argos, Everyone Active, Energie, Groupon and  Xercise4less that were directly involved with the trade match area of the show. 
  •  Increase brand awareness, Simple, do you want delegates and key personnel viewing your brand or your rivals?
  •  Share industry leading content, As an exhibitor you will have knowledge and skills that you may want to show off, we can set up a seminar or  workshop that will help promote your product or brand.
  •  Benefit from cost effective marketing, we have a detailed industry database and social network that as an exhibitor you will benefit from, with us supporting you pre and post show and maximising your exposure to the right demographic.
  •  Pre-booked Face to Face meets(Trade Match), all Exhibitors will benefit from picking meeting with our Buyers, we will arrange and match the meeting for you so all you have to do is concentrate on pitching your product.
  •  Unrivalled value for money, cost effective stand space that is unrivalled in the uk.
  •  Quality Networking, Designated areas to sit and have quality conversations and a footfall that is tailored to the industry.

Exhibition Statistics Exhibitors Should Keep in Mind

  • 46% of exhibition attendees are exclusive, meaning they attend no other exhibitions during the year. – Exhibitors Surveys Inc.
  • Between 2011-2015, the percentage of attendees who plan to buy products, solutions and technologies they have seen exhibited within 12 months after an event, has risen from 47% to 51%. – Exhibitors Survey Inc
  • 82% of exhibition attendees have buying influences – Exhibitors Survey Inc.
  • 64% of exhibition attendees are not customers of the companies exhibiting that they visited. – Exhibit Survey Inc
  • Attendees spend an average of 9.5 hours at an event over an average of 2.3 days - – Exhibit Survey Inc.
  • Customers is vital and will set you apart from your competition  and offers a fully integrated marketing mix
  • · Converting a trade show lead to a sale costs 38% less than sales calls alone.
  • Trade show Visitors will tell 6+ people about their experience.

Some great Feedback from one of our 2018 exhibitors Wild Training, showing we go the extra mile to guarantee you ROI

“Wild Training exhibited at Body Power 2018 and the show was literally the spring board our brand needed to start the next phase of our business. Wild Training going international and linking up with some of the biggest brands in the UK and abroad. We created over £25,000 of business direct from contacts we made at Body Power. These are people we would have never met without exhibiting."

James Griffiths Founder Wild Training


For More information on how to get in front of key decision makers at B2B  - contact Dan Baker on : or Call 01926485423

Why Visit B2B 2019


B2B  is an integrated fitness event for those that either work in the fitness industry or are involved in the industry with relevant products or services...From  fitness professionals, Club managers, industry executives, Gym owners through to operators we have 2 action packed days full of value that you will relate to and be able to come away and utilise in your business. 


Industry leading content :

BodyPower is famed for attracting some of the best speakers delivering the best content 2019 B2B sees a focus on the below:

Some of the Key Names that have contributed in the past are: Ben Coomber, Kevin Yates, Phil Learney, Jamie Alderton, Chris Burgess, Rob Beale, Stephen Box and Jon Johnston to name a few.

  • Spa and Beauty-Using the right products is essential and key for not only wellness but experence.B2B will have speakers and experts from this sector that will give advice for your facility's secondary spend and customer satisfaction options.
  • Physiotherapy-Whether for recovery, rehabilitation or correction you have to be an expert in this field as it is so important that the advice you give or receive is on point, B2B will have some of the UKs most renowned practitioners that have worked on and with some of the worlds top Athletes
  • Nutrition/Supplements-Getting the right nutrition that works for your body type and goal can take years to perfect and get right if you don’t take advice and guidence.B2B has made sure we have the best nutrition experts that will save you time by advising/prescribing on the best Pre, during and post nutrition and supplements for you and your goal, activity or sport.
  • Operators -we have spent time putting together workshops and seminars for you to draw inspiration, training and development for you or your business. Consistency of brand is key to the survival of big corporate companies, listen to CEOs and industry leaders that have created a consistent global brand or franchise.
  • Gym Manager -Doing the best for your staff and members is a responsibility that should be at the forefront of every Gym Manager or HOD. The seminars and designed to give you take away advice and training that you can implement straight away.
  • Fitness Professional - We have also made sure all levels are cratered for with 0-2 years’ experience, 2-4 years and advanced Levels available to attend for the Fitness Professional steam. Weather you are a personal trainer, class instructor or Small group training teacher you can come to the show to enhance your skills or learn new ones all workshops and seminars will come with REPS and/or CIMSPA points so you can implement all in your everyday business.
  • Distributor :Suppliers from some of the newest and most innovative brands in the UK attend Bodypower yearly to launch a new product line or indeed their company you can visit the show to browse or take advantage of our meet the buyers area. As a distributer it will cost you nothing but your time and we at Bodypower will spend time filtering and screening the products with you so the meetings are the best quality.
  • Executive :Listen to seminars by like minded entrepreneur and walk around viewing the newest products from established and new companies. Again you can take advantage of our Trade match meetings if you wish to meet a certain demographic, we can help you as a buyer/Senior decision maker meet suppliers that will add value to your facility and your members experience.




Below is a snap shot of the below decision makers that attended the 2018 Show and used our Trade match to seek suppliers and services for their company’s and organisations, all organised by the bodypower team.

  • National fitness Managers from:Xercise4less,Energie,Virgin Active.
  • National product Manager: Everyone Active,
  • Buying Managers and Directors from:Aldi,Argos,Groupon.
  • Independent Gym owners and Directors from 30+ gyms including: Gym City,Gym4all, Lift up, Darwin.



With a full program of practical sessions for delegates to hone skills, learn new ones from comprehensive list aimed at Strength, Small Group Training, Functional Fitness, Sales, Marketing and Business Management and that carry CDP points.



Industry specific exhibitors launching and showcasing, gym equipment, clothing, digital innovation, supplements, nutrition, recruitment to name a few.

From learning new skills, to finding new products no show in the industry attracts more cutting edge companies.

The question is can you afford not to attend?



An all encompassing Fitness show for every sector of the fitness industry with world-class speakers holding discussion groups, seminars and workshops aimed at Gym Owners, Club Managers, Fitness Managers, Personal Trainers, Class and Group Exercise instructors.

Some of the great feedback from the 2018 show below:

“This was the first time our Company has had a stand at Body Power.
We were in the B2B section. Dan and his team set up some meetings with key buyers from the Gym Chains and we were able to display our products for them and other gym owners to see.

It was professionally done and we have many leads to follow up on.”

Rob Saipe MD Bytomic







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Two days of high quality, expert content focused at improving you as an individual or your business to grow.



Topics that will be discussed in seminars, workshops and round tables below.
  • -How to Franchise seminars
  • -Insuring and protecting your business seminars
  • -Accounting Seminars.
  • -Staff development and empowerment
  • -Finding and managing Intrepreneurs
  • -EBITDA and P&L Workshops
  • -Marketing Workshops
  • -Digital technology seminars
  • -Member Acquisition Seminars
  • -Staff development Techniques
  • -Upselling and closing
  • -CRM in the Heath Club
  • -Educational Seminars
  • -Training Workshops
  • -Clothing, equipment and supplement Exhibits.
  • -Focus Group discussions
  • -Nutrition in Exercise seminars
  • -CDP points for workshops and seminars

2018 saw some key industry names for example 

  • Jonathan Davies(Founder of the Training Room)Starting a business from scratch and then selling for millions.
  • Mike Grice(multiple owner of strength and conditioning and physio studios) Starting up then creating a brand.
  • Josh Mullin(founder of UK Pts website) Creating a community in your facility.
  • Jake Anderson (Membership accelerator)Building membership numbers in your facility.
  • Aimie Brownie(founder of the happiness boot camp)Mental health in Fitness.
  • Mark Laws(PT expert and speaker).Giving your staff the best Education on the market.

A snap shot of the content is below.

  • A full time table of content designed from feedback of what is current and topical and using the best names in the industry the two days are jamed with content.

  • Our carefully designed meeting areas are the perfect place to meet old business acquaintances or aquire new ones.

  • Exhibitors from around the globe featuring new industry inovation, products and services that will enhance your business.

  • Buyers and sellers meet for 1:2:1 20 minet pitches in our Trade match area.

Think you have got what it takes to be involved as a speaker, fill in the below to register, we will then contact you for a further audition.

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